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With global economic and sociological uncertainty, more and more individuals are converting their IRA’s and 401K accounts into Gold IRA’s to protect their future.

Set a secure plan for your future – start investing with Gold in your IRA TODAY!

With global economic and sociological uncertainty, more and more individuals are converting their IRA’s and 401K accounts into Gold IRA’s to protect their future.

Set a secure plan for your future – start investing with Gold in your IRA TODAY!

should you transfer or rollover your 401k to gold and silver precious metals? Is this good for your retirement plan?

Also like you I'm concerned about having enough income for my retirement. I feel that even with a top rated mutual fund or a retirement account managed by expert services, I can still lose big, like in the past with all too recent major losses I suffered in the financial markets and housing markets over the past 10 years. what would you do if another stock market crash was to happen just before you retire.

Learning the ins and outs of an IRA gold rollover is not for the faint of heart. It takes a bit of financial savvy and understanding to make the right

Gold IRA
Gold Ira

 why should you look into a 401k to gold IRA rollover?

The most obvious reason I am transferring my 401K and IRA accounts to precious metals such as gold and silver is it has been tested time and again that gold provides a strong shield against inflation. Gold rates remain almost unaffected at the time of inflation and therefore, you do not have to suffer a loss when the inflation hits and even the currency rates go down in the global market.

The government allows us to have an IRA that is backed by precious metals if the precious metals meet a certain criteria. The most stable price and precious metals are gold and silver. Gold has been known to be accumulated by the rich for many reasons. This includes hedging volatile stock markets, offsetting fluctuating commodity prices, or is it protection against the failing housing market. Gold has proven itself over the test of time to be the safest investment, so in order to capitalize on the consistent growth and value you should consider rolling over or transferring.

what exactly is the gold ira rollover?

A gold IRA rollover is a process of transferring funds from an existing retirement account, such as a 401(k) or traditional IRA, to a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) that invests in gold and other precious metals.

When you move your retirement account funds into an ira that holds physical precious metals those metals typically come in the form of either bullion coins or bars and they're held in a secured depository gold ira rollover versus transfer the transfer is when you're moving your funds between the accounts of the same type, for example one ira to another ira a direct rollover occurs when you move your funds between two different types of accounts for example a 401k rollover to an ira.

Steps in Gold IRA Rollover

Below is a step-by-step process for how to open a valuable metals IRA account:

Step 1: Open Gold Ira Account

401k to gold the first thing you must do is open a gold ira account with a reputable gold ira company. ideally the account should be self-directed to give you the authority to choose the types of assets you want to hold in your ira.

Step 2: Transfer Funds

once your self-directed ira has been setup you can proceed with the 401k to gold ira rollover instruct your 401k administrator to transfer the assets in your 401k account to the new account this must be a trustee to trustee transfer so do not attempt to make a withdrawal from your account to fund the gold ira directly. 

check with your employer to confirm your present account qualifies for the rollover some employers plans do not allow a rollover unless an employee quits the job in other cases a rollover is not permitted unless the employee is older than 59 and a half and meets other conditions.

Step 3: Finding a reputable Custodian

After transferring funds you should first find a credible gold ira custodian before you decide to roll over your 401k to gold ira the best ira rollover companies are those who have been in the industry for many years and have facilitated thousands of transactions.

upon completing your gold ira account setup the next step entails issuing instructions to your 401k custodian to transfer the entire lot or a portion of your retirement funds purchase gold coins and gold bars after funding your gold ira account.

Step 4: Decide what assests to purchase

The next thing on your agenda should be to select the most suitable gold coins and bars to hold in your account finding a reliable custodian next on the agenda is to find a trustee that ticks all the boxes concerning the irs standards and regulations it is advisable to check the reviews made by previous and existing clients before setting on any custodian finding a reputable gold dealership once you have settled on a credible trustee.

Step 5: Initiate Rollover

Your next move should be to find a reputable gold dealer from where you can buy your gold, your custodian should be in a position to recommend a reliable dealer whom you can work with any gold purchased for inclusion in a gold ira must meet the criteria laid down by the federal government execute your rollover, at this point much of the hard work is already done to initiate the rollover you need to finalize some paperwork companies that facilitate the rollover execution strive to ensure the process is smooth and easy to understand.

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Gold Ira custodian
Gold Ira Custodian

Benefits of gold ira rollover

• Huge tax savings on your invest
• Rolling over your funds from an existing account also doesn't trigger tax implications
• The opportunity to diversify your portfolio with a Roth IRA and a Gold IRA
• Physical precious metals have historically held their value and gold IRAs provide many of the benefits of an investment in precious metals but with the perks of an IRA
• Your investment isn't affected by changes in currency prices
• Since a gold IRA is a self-directed IRA, you'll have greater control over your gold investments
• More transparent access to your investment funds

how to move the 401k to gold without

To transfer your 401k to gold without penalty you need to set up a self-directed ira account with a precious metals custodian or trustee then you do what's called a trustee to trustee transfer from the original 401k account to the new self-directed ira account, but it all must be done within 60 days if you take longer than 60 days then the funds will be considered a distribution of funds from the 401k and will be liable to any taxes of such transfers.

Are You Ready to Start Your Rollover?

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One way investors can hedge against inflation and a stock market crash is by rolling over their 401(k) into 
a gold IRA plan.

Gold ira rollover
Gold Ira rollover


Investing in gold can be a good way to diversify your retirement plan across asset classes. This could mean purchasing physical coins and bars or stock in gold companies. If you’re looking for a new destination for the funds in your 401(k) and you want something that doesn’t closely follow the stock market or the economy, then a 401(k) to gold IRA rollover could be a good option.
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